About Me

Njabulo, 29

"In the height of the 21-day lockdown, I came to Nikki after having had a moment of distress. We actually spent very little time on that 'moment' but rather journeyed into areas of my life that were slowly falling apart.


After just 1 month I can say I have a better understanding of myself and she's been key to that discovery.I can truly say that she was sent from God as guiding winds on my sail."

Shobian, 28

"I started seeing Nikki at Evergreen counselling as a wreck. I had just been through a very scary and traumatic experience. I've struggled with stress for a long time. Since my first session, I have felt instantly better, I walked in and was immediately made to feel comfortable, given good advice and healthy coping mechanisms and real helpful ways of dealing with stuff.

6 months later, I am changed.

I have learned how to better deal with my stress without medication. I have learned how to assess and handle certain situations in a healthy manner. I am feeling 100 times better.
Thanks to Nikki and her wonderful services."

Leigh, 38

I would highly recommend Nikki for any consultation. She makes you feel comfortable, remains neutral and really tries to give you the necessary tools to deal with the issue you face in life.


I have always found Nikki to be very honest, fair and reliable and actually looked forward to my constructive time with her. 


She is punctual and always does the necessary research and is always easily accessable - should you need to talk to someone.

Kelly. 37

I recently started experiencing childhood flashbacks and had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I was on the search for someone that I could feel comfortable with. I came across Nikki’s “Meet for coffee invite” advert and I hopped to the occasion. In a short amount of time, she made me feel comfortable, safe and

ready to open up. 

Nikki is a great listener, very understanding, relateable and recommended tools relevant to

my situation.

Over the past few months, I have learned to embrace every part of my life. I’ve learned how to observe my environment more openly and accurately, which has enabled me to go through each day a little smoother than the last.

What I’ve learned from Nikki, I will take with me forever.

Thank you, Nikki.