This involves working one-on-one in a safe, empathetic and confidential environment.

We deal with aspects of your life that you are finding distressing, limiting or conflict producing.

Aspects often include but are not limited to:

~ Coping with major life challenges or changes. For example losing a job, having a
    baby/an empty nest or the diagnosis of a serious illness
~ Emotional problems. For example feeling down or excessive worry
~ Interpersonal relationship challenges
~ Anger management or the need for other coping mechanisms and tools
~ Enhanced self-understanding, setting of personal goals and help identifying and
    working towards desired change

~ Childhood trauma

~ Grief

R400 per session – 50-60 mins


This involves working through specific and identifiable areas of conflict or aspects

of the relationship that require negotiation and possible change. 

Aspects often include but are not limited to:

~ Negotiating roles, finances and other aspects of life together
~ Exploring and understanding how beliefs, thoughts, backgrounds and culture can
    impact the relationship
~ Develop a strategy for wellness and longevity of the relationship
~ Marriage preparation/premarital counselling

~ Conflict resolution

R400 per session – 50-60 mins


This involves working with the family unit as a whole on any number of issues. The family is an intricate system.

When one member of the unit is struggling it causes an imbalance in the entire system.

Interaction between members of the unit can also affect the health and balance of the system.

 Aspects covered include but are not limited to:

~ Conflict resolution
~ Supporting a member who is struggling
~ Family Roles and Rules
~ Communication

R600 per session – 60-75 mins


This involves working with parent/s to provide the necessary knowledge,
tools, guidance and support for child rearing in South Africa.

Aspects covered include but are not limited to:

~ Negotiating and formulating of a parenting plan
~ Working through a diagnosis – illness, disability or learning impairment

~ Supporting your child through challenge or change
~ Understanding and navigating technology

~ Discipline

R400 per session – 50-60 mins

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