Regulation of Counsellors

Legal Status


Wellness Counsellor (SAQA Reg. ID 895) is the highest registered designation of the
Association of Supportive Counsellors and Holistic Practitioners (ASCHP), a South
African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) recognised professional body (SAQA ID 984)
on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) (Act 67 of 2008).  Registration with
ASCHP provides para-professional status to Wellness Counsellors as it is a non-
statutory professional body regulating non-psychological counsellors in South Africa.



The Counsellor shall:
Retain a high level of competence in the interests of the profession and

the public in general;
Be aware of the influence of personal morals, ethics, values and norms on

the quality of service;
Ensure that public statements are directed at the provision of information in

an attempt to assist individuals to make informed decisions in general.  Such
statements shall be accurate, qualified and objective;
Guarantee the confidentiality of personal information acquired during counselling

or instruction and regard all disclosures as privileged;
Respect colleagues and individuals in the professional and counselling sphere.
 Conflicts in direction, evaluation, training procedures and loyalty shall be clearly
defined to encourage

freedom of participation;
Acknowledge the requirements, competence and responsibilities of colleagues and
other professional organisations;
Undertake research while protecting and recognising the welfare, dignity and

respect of the participant;
Terminate counselling as soon as it becomes apparent that no professional
contribution can be made as a consequence of a lack of special knowledge

or personal limitations;
Refer a client to a designated specialist in circumstances that reasonably require
such referral;

Decline further counselling where a client refuses to recognise a reasonable referral
for specialist attention.

ASCHP Code of Ethics

Scope of Practice 


Wellness Counsellor is a designation with an applicable graduate qualification on
NQF level 7 including 100 hours of practical experience. Wellness Counsellors serve
to enhance the total wellbeing of their clients by making use of a systems approach
to counselling – working towards achieving wholeness within the integrative unity of
body, mind and spirit. The level of counselling is that of primary health care. This
includes individual counselling, group counselling and marriage counselling, life style
coaching, counselling for problems, trauma counselling, drug and alcohol abuse
counselling, HIV/AIDS counselling, counselling for gambling addiction, bereavement
counselling, hospice counselling and support and assistance in human development.
The Wellness Counsellor is competent to lend comprehensive counselling support
towards the improvement of the quality of life by assisting client’s in resolving
conflicts, improving relationships, sorting out general problems, coping with life’s
challenges and finding inner peace.

Wellness Counsellors are required to refer clients to medical and psychological
professionals if they identify needs that require specialized intervention such as
mood, personality and anxiety disorders and health related problems that require
medical attention..