Nikki Lister 
Specialist Wellness Counsellor

Cultivate your well-being 


Nikki Lister

I am a Specialist Wellness Counsellor licensed with ASCHP. I love helping people! I see my role as supporting, encouraging and helping people navigate the complexities of life, love and everything in-between.


This involves working one-on-one in a safe, empathetic and confidential
environment. We deal with aspects of your life that you are finding distressing, limiting or conflict producing.


This involves working through specific and identifiable areas of conflict or
aspects of the relationship that require negotiation and possible change. 


This involves working with the family unit as a whole on any number of issues. The family is an intricate system. When one member of the unit is struggling it causes an imbalance in the entire system. Interaction between members of the unit can also affect the health

and balance of the system.


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Regulation of Counsellors

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